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Our employees perform their work so well that the goods they produce are of a quality high enough for worldwide acceptance. For our clients, the ISO 9001, version 2015 certification of our products is an additional warranty to the quality that is already well known to them. For you, who are not yet counted among our clients, but are one who looks for quality, our compliance with the ISO 9001 standards can be the beginning of a profitable partnership.

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Environmental Management.

Every human activity has environmental impact. To minimize this impact and to take concrete initiatives for protection, preservation and encouragement to the ecological systems near areas in which it operates has been a constant concern of MINASLIGAS.

In addition to strictly follow the legal requirements for environmental preservation and control of industrial effluents to MINASLIGAS uses eucalyptus charcoal produced in reforestation own and maintain an annual reforestation program, which ensures both the quality of coal used and the preservation of vegetation native.

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